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16oz Smoked Sable Whole Unsliced -

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 Every now and then it's important to treat yourself to something special. We pride ourselves in our ability to make the best sable in America. We take our time to slowly cut, cure, and smoke this wild caught beauty of a fish that we might even be in love. We hand slice this luxurious fish while carefully removing the skin and the bones from every slice. Taste the richness of the smokey flavor and enjoy the softness of the paprika blending into the fish while tasting the buttery and silky texture of our most prized possession. 

Our Sable is naturally cured and smoked in our state of the art facility in Brooklyn, New York, and, all of our products are certified kosher. We process our smoked fish with the finest ingredients and each piece is carefully crafted into a special treat. Please enjoy our smoked fish products as a small respite in todays hurried world.

Ingredients: Wild-Caught Alaskan Black Cod, Salt, Garlic, Paprika Spices, Natural Hardwood Smoke.