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Fish Friday Pickup Info

Banner Smoked Fish is back with it's popular Fish Friday Sales Outlet.

At Banner-Fish-Friday, we offer to the public our great line of smoked fish products at wholesale prices, for pickup only. 


Online ordering for Fish Friday opens at noon on Tuesdays through Friday until 10am. Pick up is available on Friday between the hours of 8am and 1pm right outside our Brooklyn factory, 2715 West 15th Street.

After you select checkout, you'll be asked what time you expect to pick up your order. This is important because we want to make sure we have your order ready at the right time. Orders are limited, so place your order early to guarantee a spot. Orders placed on Friday can be picked up only 3 hours after it's placed.

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Pickup Location Banner Smoked Fish Factory , 2715 West 15th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11224

Phone: 718-449-1400

You Missed the Pickup?

Talk to us - It happens, for some reason you couldn't make it. Don't worry, we'll hold onto your package until Monday. Please let us know you're coming to get it and when we can expect you. You can call our office at 718-449-1400 or you can email us at info@bannersmokedfish.com. 

Important Notice About Your Cart.

You will see the the following green item  below in your cart that says Pickup Instore. Please don't remove it from the cart. It's free, it doesn't cost you anything, and it's not a real item. It's just something our developers created to process Fish Friday Orders. We don't ask questions. We apologize if this it bothers you, but we'll make up for it with some great tasting smoked fish.