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Kosher Certification

Our products are certified as Kosher from a few different kosher certifying agencies.

Our main Kosher Certifications are from the Orthodox Union (OU) and the CRC.

We employ and maintain a full time kosher representative known as a "Mashgiach" which maintains the highest level of Kashrut certification. His daily function involves receiving the fish to ensure that only kosher fish is being used in our facility, turning on all the ovens to ensure that it is supervised by the Kashrut organization, and ensuring that the proper fish goes into the correct brand for each certifying agency. We are also regularly inspected by representatives from the Orthodox Union to ensure kosher food checks on an ongoing basis.

Products that are made in a different facility such as our smoked fish salads are under the OK.

We are proud to bear the OU, OK, and CRC logos on most of our products and ensuring the ability to provide safe, clean, and kosher options for all of our consumers!